B oard Industry and Trade Compensated Ltda. It began operations in 1999 and is located in Union City – Santa Catarina.
Currently the company has an industrial park in constant technological upgrading, consisting of a covered structure of approximately 10,000 m², and wide area reserved for reforestation.
   All the company’s efforts and its employees are focused on the goal of producing quality and responsibility, which is why the board has gained the trust of the market.    

 In addition to the commitment to produce with quality and responsibility, the company has other, not least, to the pursuit of environmental preservation and sustainable development. And it is with this in mind that the Board invests in reforestation and emission control polluting waste, so that their activity does not cause environmental impact. Focusing on quality and respecting the environment, the company has solidified in the national and international market.

Placa Compensados

We are a company specialized in the production of plywood for civil and naval construction. We constantly search for new ideas that aim the efficiency of our production process, the quality o four products and the satisfaction of our customers. There for we know that is not enough to produce with quality, but also with responsibility.
It’s working by this way that Placa is not only conquering the market but also transforming customers into great partners.

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To provide positive results for our customers, shareholders, collaborators and society, through an efficient management of our work and our forests, generating sustainable resources and quality products.


To become a company known in the civil and marine construction sector in all Brazil and exterior, obtaining to be the best alternative for our customers, through the principles of ethics and ambient responsibility.


Our main commitment is to serve preferential our customers,combining into their business, their challenges and goals. The adoption of the undertaking spirit as philosophy of our company since the foundation, it stimulates to invest in new technologies to perfect our products and to take care each time better the necessities of its customers.


An-Eye In The Quality - 5 'S'

The entire production process is carried out strictly following the & quot; D-EYE in Quality - 5 'S' & quot; Sebrae, with specific techniques and trained employees, thus meeting, the necessary solutions to a product of excellent quality.

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Learn a little more about the process that includes certification in & quot; D-EYE in Quality - 5 'S'.

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Environment Responsibility

We have total commitment with the environment. All the raw material used in the manufacture of the products is proceeding from proper reforestation or from certified and authorized suppliers,confirming the concern related with the environment.


Main Suppliers

The ambient and social concern from our company, so as it searchs for the quality, take us to look for suppliers with the same vision. We work only with raw material of certified companies, as much for its quality, as for the origin of its products. Between the main suppliers they are: