Confers in the videos below our process of production, from the plantation stage to the end item.


The first stage of the production process occurs in the reforestation areas,especially planned and organized so that during the production process doesn’t occur any kind of interference in the environment. The company invests highly in the renewable raw material production, beyond the preservation of the areas of native forest of the region,as this forest of araucárias, that if finds together to the reforested area.


After the collection of logs in reforested areas, these are carried to as the segment of the process, called lamination. In the arrival of Lamination Unit,the logs are baked and after the baking is directed to the lathes,where they are transformed into blades that will be used in the production process.


The blades produced in the lathes follow for the drying sector,where they are warm with the vapor produced in the boilers. In this stage occur the withdrawal of all water accumulated in the blades, what it is essential so that the glue is efficient.


When the blades are total droughts, they receive an layer application of a phenolic resin (glue) and they are overlapped in accordance with the type of plate to be produced, for then being introduced in the press.


It is in this segment of the process that if materialize the glue. The sandwich formed by the blades is inserted in the press and pressed on a temperature of 120 degrees. The heating of the press is made by the vapor produced in the boiler. The press is warm, therefore the phenolic resin (glue) it only starts to react above the temperature of 80 degrees.

Surface Correction


Using the hot pressing process, applies the tegofilme the plate surface.


It is in this sector that the blades, after to be pressed and become plates, they will pass for the saw, where they will be cut in the standard measures,in accordance with the customer’s necessity.


After the cut, it occurs the classification part by part,so that parts with manufacture defect are excluded. Done this, the product receives the finishing, that consists blocking all orifices where humidity can infiltrate.The nest procedure is to pack the plywood. After packing, the product will follow to the supply department, From the supply department the product is ready to be delivered to our customers in any part of Brazil or Exterior.